About Me

My name is Quinn Rooney and I am currently a second semester Junior at Saint Joseph's University. I am a Communications and English Major. I am hoping my degrees allow me to explore the field of public relations and event planning. Explore my website to view my portfolio and social media accounts. Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback. I am looking forward to keeping my site updated.

When I see myself in my desired profession I connect it with social media. In today’s society social media and the use of the web are so prominent in the work world, and have a huge impact on both the consumers and the sellers. In event coordinating and hospitality I think the job requires a detail oriented, organized, independent, and confident decision maker. I believe that these traits are what would make a successful event planner.

I think for the most the event coordinating industry remains the same in the sense that the end goal is to put on a fun and memorable event, but there have been changes. I think the use of social media has positively impacted the industry in the sense that it changes the marketing approach to the job. For example, event planners are using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attract larger audiences and are reaching a larger demographic when it comes to potential clients. The industry can use these different platforms to visually show what their company represents and the type of events they put together.

This relates to when I was an intern for a skincare company, and recruited potential students, and organized promotional and educational events. I raised recognition for GR8 SKN via email and social media outlets, and implemented a social media campaign to increase local brand engagement and awareness. I witnessed first hand how much the use of social media can turn a company around. Event planning is a field I am passionate about and an industry in which I feel I can grow and succeed in.

Attached is My Resume.

Here is a link to my final reflections.