Poverty in Philadelphia

This video is a ten-minute documentary that explores poverty in Philadelphia. The goal of this film was to physically go out and learn about how poverty is affecting our city. Poverty is not a social justice problem that can just be researched and talked about on the computer. By interviewing two people from two different organizations that are tied to homelessness and poverty I was able to get a better understanding of poverty. For this project, I was in charge of one of the interviews. This role meant that I contacted the organization, drafted the questions, and helped with the camera and lighting. I also helped with finding statistics, music, and images that would fit well in the documentary. I also played a role in the final editing in which we used the software premium. This film was created on December 11, 2016.



In the spring of 2015 I created a blog on WordPress. I use this blog as a way to express myself creatively and share my thoughts with a larger audience. I eventually would like to get involved in Public Relations so a lot of my blog posts have to do with current events and celebrities. I use videos and images to help strengthen my posts. My blog is also used for employers to see and get an idea about my digital media presence. I try and update my blog as frequently as possible.

Equestrian Video

I made this video as part of a larger project. Horseback riding is a sport that I am very passionate about, so I decided to explore the sport a little more in depth. Last fall I made a video on iMovie that show cased a competitor competing with their horse at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL. I filmed the competitor and took still shots as well to strengthen my video. I had to skillfully choose the correct music that would fit nicely into my video. I used a Nikon camera to shoot both the stills and the video.

Coded Resume


This Spring (2017) I created and coded a professional resume for myself. I used HTML5 and CSS, along with Brackets to complete this project. I incorporated web design such as font and colors to give future employers an idea about the type of person I am. This project challenged me because I was unfamiliar with the “coding language”. I was a beginner when it came to HTML and CSS, but after completing this resume project I felt much more comfortable with the software. This project not only show cases my resume but also shows my skills and abilities in coding.



For the past two years, I have been an intern for the company Gr8/SKN. This skin care company is relatively new, and the doctor who created all the products needed help launching the brand. The doctor hired me along with a couple other girls to help manage the companies social media accounts. For example, I was in charge of tweeting, sharing/posting things on both my FaceBook and Gr8/SKN’s page. I would also take over their Instagram account and share my thoughts about the product. Since Gr8/SKN is a young adult skin care line it was my duty to spread the word about this product. I was in charge of promo codes and gathering testimonials from people who have used the product. My time at Gr8/SKN has taught me what a powerful tool social media is, and by successfully using social media platforms you can reach a large demographic and expand your brand.